The Standard

Every microservice from the MSA should have the following characteristics :

1. Fast installation / deployement

It should take less than five minutes to try out a new microservice.

By providing the microservices in the form of containers, they will be executable with a single command. Download of the containers images may take some time, but no additional configuration should be required.

2. Documentation and examples

Every microservice will have a file, explaining what is the microservice and what it does with a few examples.

The will serve as a quick guide, but machine-readable API documentation such as Swagger.json files will be the comprehensive reference.

3. Standardized APIs

All the functionality of the microservices will be provided via RESTful APIs.

Each microservice will have a different API depending on functionality, but all of them will share a few common endpoints :

/ms/version : return the version number of the service

/ms/name : return the name of the service

/ms/ : return the readme of the service in markdown format

/ms/readme.html : return the readme of the service in html format

/swagger/swagger.json : returns the swagger api documentation

/swagger/#/ : returns swagger-ui displaying the api documentation

/nginx/stats.html : returns a dashboard displaying the stats from Nginx

/nginx/stats.json : returns stats about Nginx in json