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Faker data generator, built around the faker ruby gem.

Can generate names, addresses, phone numbers and much more. Also comes with support for various locales.

Quick start

Execute the microservice container with the following command :

docker run -ti -p 9902:80 msagency/msa-faker


$ curl http://localhost:9902/faker/name
Warren Bins

$  curl http://localhost:9902/faker/name?locale=fr
Noémie Clement

$ curl http://localhost:9902/faker/address/city?locale=sv


The locale parameter can be optionally supplied to any endpoint to change the locality of the generated data. This has mainly an effect on the endpoints like /faker/name and /faker/address, but will probably not change anything on endpoints like /faker/code or /faker/internet. You can check the support for each locale at, and get the list with:

Check out the swagger docs for the full list of endpoints. Here are the main ones :

Standard endpoints


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