Frequently Asked Questions

What is a microservice ?

A microservice typically refers to a small piece of software, that only perform one or a few tasks, hopefully well.

Complex applications can be then built by combining multiple microservices. This way of structuring applications aims to promote flexibility and reusability of code.

Where can I learn more about microservices ?

Here are the Wikipedia pages on Microservices and Service-oriented architecture.

The following two websites also present good descriptions :,

Here are some books about the subject :

What is a container ?

A container is a way of packaging software in order to make execution and deployment easier. The most popular container technology today is Docker, and this is the platform used by this project.

What is REST ?

REST stands for Representational state transfer, a convention for APIs that follows the HTTP standards to provide a uniform and predefined set of stateless operations.

This is the primary way of interacting with the microservices provided here.

Can I submit a microservice to the MSA ?

Absolutely ! Check out the Contribute page to know how.

Where can I find templates to create my own microservices ?

This page provides more information about the templates, how they are structured and how they can be used to create new microservices.

All the source code can be found on the following Github page.